AndIThoughT© …….. About Healthcare #1

AndIThoughT© ……….

We seem to continue to struggle with the idea that all our citizens deserve affordable health care.  We have been at it for three plus decades and still no resolution.   We are one of the richer and industrialized country in the world.  Compared to the rest of the industrialized world we are lagging behind in taking care of the current and future health needs of all our  people.  The report from GAO tells us that the current state of our health care systems is unsustainable.  For all this time,  some times previous administrations and other times previous congresses have not dealt with the health care issues with the sense of urgency and kept pushing it to a lower priority.

AndThenIThoughT© ……….

We continue to operate in management by crisis mode.  Issues not reaching a crisis proportion are not dealt with. We would not be in this mess if previous administrations and congresses have really done a good job, arriving at a reasonable consensus, in resolving this issue.

AndIWondeR© ……….

Why we keep hoping that the same people ,  and sometimes even different people,  doing the SAME things will produce a different result. Can we resolve the issue by just changing the faces?