AndIThoughT© ……… About Healthcare #5

The house passed the Healthcare bill. It was a partisan vote. Only Democrats voted in favor to pass the bill.  All  Republicans along with few Democrats voted against it.  The Senate has passed its version of the Healthcare reform bill in December of   last year along party line as well. The  final bill will be on President’s desk soon to be signed into the law.

Republicans seem to be gearing up to go to work to repeal this bill.  Is  President Obama and the Democrats ready for the fight. AndIThoughT© ………. that we probably are about to go into a major confusion season. Lot of talking heads will be interpreting the law according to their preferences. A lot of people will start wondering about the impact of this bill on them.   How soon will these laws go into effect. Are these laws going to be challenged  in the courts, for being unconstitutional? Would the federal government be able to enforce these laws uniformly in all states as scheduled in the law. The Republicans continue to work towards repealing this bill. Idaho became the first state to pass the law against mandates for healthcare. Idaho’s Health Freedom Act orders the attorney general of the state to file a law suit against the federal mandates. Virginia followed suit and passed a law against federal mandate . The attorney generals from more than a dozen states are getting ready to fight this law. Finally the constitutional issues obviously will come to the Supreme Court. President Obama’s DOJ, I think will be involved in defending this bill. Hope they are ready for it.

AndIWonder© …….. how the courts are going to rule on these issues. Would their final decision be favorable to Democratic Viewpoint or will it be the Republican Viewpoint that will prevail. Should the courts decide that these laws are unconstitutional, what will the Democrat’s and President Obama’s next step be. AndIWonder© …….. Are they prepared?