Power PDAs ?…… Slate or iPad or ?

Apple introduced iPad. It was received by Apple enthusiasts very well. HP is going to introduce Slate later this year.  Dell , Sony and others either have similar products on the market already or on their future product roadmap. AndIThoughT© …….. that screens have finally detached from the Keyboards. It is not just the screen of a laptop, which detaches from the keyboard or sits on top of it, to become a tablet PC. It is now  a standalone product by itself.

Seems like there is a fight brewing for the market share. The question is how big is the market for  power PDAs and Tablet PCs.  Would it reach the same level as cell phones. Though HP Store does not have any mention of Slate on their site yet they have been releasing information about their product around the Apple’s iPad product introduction time. ……….  Apple Store is listing the product family, taking order for the current products  and accepting pre-Order for extended functionality versions with Wi-Fi capabilities.

AndIWonder © …….. what has recently changed in the user needs that requires a gadget like iPad or Slate or something similar to displace the cellphones in favor of the tablet PCs.

Web Search of the terms “Tablet PC” returns product offerings from a lot of companies.  Are iPads, Slates and Tablet PCs from others are going to coexist with the recent high powered cell phones? The Cloud Compute Model for our compute needs possibly will move the market in the direction of Tablet PCs. The entertainment part on the cellphone use will most probably move to the Tablet PCs. The kids in the back seat of a car on a long drive would definitely prefer a larger screen for their video games. Looks like that is the direction we are heading in.