Solar Future

AndIThoughT© …….. We continue to make advances in the photo voltaic  solar domain of the technology. In the last decade the technology has come a long way. We are on the verge of generating electricity from solar panels in a cost effective manner. The research for improving the cost and generating the electricity more efficiently continues.

A solar development partnership recently announced will enhance the technology further. NASA has been at the forefront of the solar energy systems development. Their recent efforts regarding the  NASA Sustainability Base is a green building located at NASA’s Ames Research Center. An intelligent building which responds to the changes inside as well as outside, performing realtime energy consumption management, reflecting the changes in wind, sunlight and temperature.

There are quite a few different technologies which convert the solar energy to   either fuel or electricity using different methods. Another promising method of producing and storing solar energy is on the horizon. A process of Energy Synthesis and Storage using just water and solar energy.

AndIWonder©  …….. if this will be the end of energy crisis. There is no shortage of water and sun is in abundance in most of the inhabited places in the world.