IBM’s move in Cloud Computing Space

Why should people, not in technology business, worry about compute models. Well, they need not worry about it. They should just stay aware of the advancements, which in all probability, will affect their daily life. All they need to do is to stay on top of how to use the “communicator” of their choice. Be it Wii, Blackberry,  iPad,  Slate, or any other.

IBM added fire power in its arsenal in Cloud Computing Space.  Cast Iron Systems a privately held cloud computing software and integration company located in Mountain View, California got acquired by IBM.  The acquisition announcement made no financial disclosures for the transaction.

AndIThoughT© …….. We seem to have come full circle regarding the compute model. Way back when, we used terminals for talking to the mainframe computers. For a long while a terminal was really a dumb device for typing the instructions to the computer to perform desired functAdSpace4UButtonions. Then the terminals started to get smarter and smarter, till they became a PC ( Personal Computer ).  Today’s  PCs, netbooks and the likes are  actually as powerful as the mainframes then,  if not more.   AndIWondeR© …….. what will be the evolution path of this model. If the  currently available “cloud compute power” someday will be available to us on our finger tips as a super communicator with lot more powerful hyper compute resources enterprises to service it. Imagine that ………!

The corporate compute resources are being moved to the cloud computing environment for global access needs and ease of use of corporate data.  The concerns about the safety of proprietary data and corporate information security though are still  major detriments that need to be addressed. People are counting on the fact that the Cloud  Compute Avlon Security And PatrolResources providers will provide adequate data security measures because failing to do so will  ensure their  own demise. Another one of a major concern is 24/7 accessibility of the information. A hardware redundancy is needed to make sure that a catastrophic situation in one geographic location  does not cripple the corporate operations world wide.

There are other global players who  are getting ready  to increase their market share as well.  They are probably scrambling  now to make their own moves.  The sector seems to be ripe for consolidation.

As the market size grows,  few other industries will also benefit from the trend. The tourism and hospitality industry will have to provide a safe and secure access to the cloud compute environment for their patrons. The business travelers will also demand these services.

…… more to come