AndIThoughT© …….. About Healthcare #2

AndIThoT© ………. that Democrats want to pass this healthcare bill ASAP but the Republicans want no part of it.

Different segments of the population are provided health care by different insurers.  The government provides the insurance and the services for few segments like Govt. Employees, Veterans, Armed Forces, Seniors thru Medicare and Medicaid . The other segments of the population are provided the healthcare insurance and services by private healthcare industry.

A significant part of the health insurance and healthcare services are currently paid by the corporations and small businesses as part of the compensation package. This expense borne by the businesses particularly small businesses is making them non competitive in the global market place.

AndIWondR© ……what will happen if most small businesses  and corporations, because they cannot afford it anymore, decide to drop health insurance coverage for their employees and their families in a short period of time. Would the health care industry be able to sustain the cash flow shock caused by non payment of premiums? Would the health insurers become insolvent, like what happened to the financial sector companies? Is that a disaster waiting to happen?