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One Less Thing To Worry About

nhtsaThe paradigm shift of life style, particularly in the developed countries are creating new issues to be dealt with. The accidents on the roads and the highways are on the rise due to various types of distractions to the drivers. One of the distractions is, to be on the lookout for the drivers reading text messages on their communication devices, or worse, typing to send one, while driving.  The drivers who do texting while driving, not only put their own life in danger, they are putting everyone else on the road in danger as well. In most of  the US states, it is prohibited by law but it continues to happen. The NHTSA  accident survey and statistics for drivers who were involved in  accidents for this reason are alarming. The practice  is  more prevalent in the younger demographics who are more savvy and digitally connected. The self driving cars of  the future is the answer.

Google seems to have gotten a head start on the  intelligent automobiles. They recently received a license to operate intelligent cars in Nevada. After multiple  safe demonstrations of Cick to view "A look inside Google's "Driverless Car" .... "the prototype by Google, State of Nevada issued the first intelligent  driverless  car,  “a driving license and a license plate”.

California legislators are scrambling to update the state law. State senator Alex Padilla has introduced a bill to accommodate this new technology. This  bill would establish, for vehicle manufacturers, safety and performance standards for the safe operation of driverless vehicles on public roads in California . Other states currently considering legislation for “autonomous vehicles” are Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma.

AndIThoughT© …….. that pretty soon texting while driving will be a problem of the past when driverless cars become affordable.  People will be  able to do it to their heart’s content And the  kids learning how to drive …….. or …..  the auto insurance rate increase  etc etc …… will Not be a thing to Worry About.

Posted by Saba Rahman - May 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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