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AndIThoughT© …….. About Healthcare #4

Health Insurance Reform Bill ………This sure is a landmark bill, up there with  Medicare and Social Security legislations.  AndIThoughT© ………. Now that we have it, what is it that we have?  Is this bill  be moving the nation towards the Universal Healthcare?  Do we have it right?

A lot of people will continue dissecting the impacts of this bill on us.  Is it 32+ million more premium paying customers for insurance companies OR insurance companies forced to insure 32+ million additional citizens, under new regulations from HHS? Will the Insurance Commissioners be able to control the premium increases by the health insurers?  AndIThoughT© ………. How do we pay for it? Is it deficit financed, deficit neutral or  will save money in the long run. How accurate are the CBO estimates? How much more  will we be paying in premiums, beside the recent increases by the Health Insurers? The experts doing reality check on health insurance reform tell us that the current legislation is just the baby steps forward for a long  journey. If Social Security and Medicare are any indication, I think they are right. We have continued to work on them,  even in this bill,  and improve those laws for the benefits of the senior citizens in significant ways.

AndIWonder© ……….   that, now that  we have started the process to join the ranks of industrialized democracies of the world for the health insurance of our citizens, how much better off each one of us will be with the implementation of these laws. ………. AndThenIThoughT© ………. Why the vote to pass  this bill was partisan. Why all of the Republicans and few Democrats did not vote for this bill.  The Republicans  seem to have done similar things in the past during Social Security and Medicare legislation debates and votes for those legislations. AndNowIWonder© ………. Why?




Posted by Saba Rahman - March 22, 2010 at 4:37 am

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